the perfect cover up, 

dress it up or just get snuggly

Wraps, shawls and scarves for every occasion - perfect on a night out or cosied up in front of the fire


Wraps, scarves and cosy stuff

Made using pure felted merino, Hazelmadeit wraps, scarves and shawls will provide that stylish extra layer of warmth when a cardigan is just not going to cut it. Often decorated with silk, these can be made in any colour or blend you like. Scarves and lightweight warps are a perfect choice when you want something that is easy to wear and perfect for everyday. The wraps soften with wear and can be worn like a very large scarf. They all come with a kilt pin so they can be fixed in place once 'just right'. There are a variety of other styles available including kilt buckled shrugs, capes and cowls.

Wraps for special occasions

Wraps can be made in a variety of weights - from gossamer fine to welsh blanket. Pattern and colour are decided on as part of the design process, from a simple blend to flower pattern. Even the shape can be varied, it is all part of the conversation.

Because all of my felt is handmade by me in the studio, I have the ability to make a wrap that can be perfectly colour matched to your requirements or indeed made as part of a set. 

Bespoke service

As a lifelong lover of all things textile, I think that everyone has the right to quality and fit. All of my felt is made from pure merino fleece. This can be made in any size to allow for the specifications of the customer. Silk threads are often added to the blend when the fleece is laid out, adding a touch of shine to the final garment. Finishing is always completed by hand unless machine stitching is desirable like in the green wrap above where it has been used to add texture to the silk fabric incorporated into the felt.

Please do not hesitate to contact me for a consultation.