big hats

made to measure

A hat for every occasion, made to measure  in the style of your choice. From everyday hats for walking the dog to a bespoke one off for that special event.


Whether you want an everyday hat or something a little more special, I can design and manufacture one for you. Using merino fleece to create your felt hat, the whole production of it being hand laid and made by me.

Hats for special occasions

While the Tammy berets or Pisa hats are a perfect choice when you want something that is easy to wear and perfect for everyday, sometimes you want or need something a little bit special. 

Because all of my felt is handmade by me in the studio, I have the ability to make a hat that can be perfectly colour matched to your requirements. 

Bespoke service

As an everyday hat wearer, and lifelong lover of all things textile, I think that everyone has the right to quality and fit. All of my hats are made from pure merino fleece that is felted to form the 'hood', the basis of every hat. This can be made in any size to allow for the specifications of the customer. Hats can be made to any head circumference, extra tall to all room for hair pile up on top, whatever the shape, it can be accommodated. The complexity and general shape are up to you. Finishing is always completed by hand unless machine stitching is an integral part of the design.

A variety of finishing touches are available :vintage buttons, Petersham ribbon, felt flowers, horn, feathers and silk but also some very special bespoke silver buttons and feathers by a local silversmith (these obviously add an extra cost, based on weight). 

Please do not hesitate to contact me when you want a specific style of hat, I may be able to help.