My Inspiration

I use my surroundings for inspiration to create pieces that are unusual and have meaning. Everything I create is individual, and influenced by the natural world.

The Natural World

The natural world has a huge influence on my work, gathering ideas, textures and images as I walk, drive or sail around Argyll. I believe that there is something majestic about landscapes and seascapes, and love to incorporate aspects from these places into my work. Photography, another passion of mine, plays a huge part as the colours and forms that I see are recorded for me to recreate. Taking photographs helps me to imprint the images into my mind, and I can refer to the photographs when I need some creative inspiration. I have thousands of photographs of the sea as you can never take the same photograph of it twice! I have built-up a diverse 'paint chart' of colours and combinations and textures in my memory allowing the fleece to be laid freely like a painter with their brush.

inspired by nature, created by hand