felted art 

Pictures, paintings, hangings, sculptures, vessels, pods and bowls

Felted Artwork 

Landscapes, seascapes and abstract pieces, laid by hand and eye using a variety of fleeces and techniques. Pods or sculptural vessels, bowls and pebbles that look like ceramic, created in felt.

Felted Landscapes and Abstracts

Using the fleece like paint, I create felted landscapes and abstracts. Often these come out of the composite images in my mind or they can be a felt translation of a specific image. All derive their inspiration from the natural world and use a variety of techniques within felting to do so. These are presented framed and unglazed,  so as not to detract from the textural nature of the work ( If posting, the customer may request unframed deliver). Wall hangings can also be commissioned instead of framed work. 

Felt Pods

Felt pods, or vessels allow for a freer manufacturing process than the hats as the size is up to me rather than the head of the customer. These are inspired by the textures of nature, seed pod, sea urchin or flower. Often abstract, more of a sense of a natural origin like the 'dragon eggs' (see opposite), open to the interpretation of the viewer. Sometimes the colouring will have more to do with an experience - sea, fire, sunrise - blending the colours to represent its essence.