About Me

I created Hazelmadeit Felt because of my passion for natural textiles. When you contact me about any of my services, I aim to provide an informative and beneficial advice so that your product is everything you envisioned.

Who am I?

I am an artisan felter, designer maker. Home is in Argyll, Scotland on a small peninsula approx 2.5 hours west of Glasgow. Living on the coast in the lower highlands, my daily view is one of sea, hill, heather, fern, highland cattle, bracken, sheep, sky and sunset. This is a very changeable land and seascape: turbulent waters, rugged hills but equally soft in colour with clean air and clarity of colour.

All of this feeds into my work in both colour and texture. I work primarily with merino fleece, as most people find this comfortable to wear, but I relish the opportunity in my art work to use native breeds as these have great colour and texture. 

Due to the process and nature of my work, each piece will have its own individual character. Everything is laid and designed by eye, freehand, only the measurements for bespoke hat fittings, are specific. 

One offs......

Everything I design can be made to order but sometimes I get asked to make complete one offs. These have covered a variety of designs ranging from a kilt style wrap to a blanket to be draped over a 'coffin' as part of an eco burial, being then retained by the spouse as a comforter. In between are bags, fascinators and capes, as well as the usual small hats, big hats and wraps.

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Every Product is Individual

I guarantee that every product I produce is unique. The only aspect that is mass-produced when making your item is the wool that is off the back of the sheep! The felt is laid using the fleece, allowing complete freedom in colour blending. The products I make are all handmade, so I am reliant on my eyes to guide me! The final shape of your handmade hat is dictated, to an extent, by the felt: the number of folds, the best way round for it to sit, the shape of the edge. All of this means that anyone can have a bespoke piece of 'wearable art' to wear and enjoy.